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Leading Home Care Service in Dubai

Providing Medical Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Dynasty Clinic has been providing home healthcare services in Dubai for the last 4 years, making it one of the leading clinics in the emirate. 
Our team comprises dedicated and experienced professionals, including a general practitioner (GP) doctor, nursing staff, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation staff, ensuring that you receive all the necessary health services at home, so you can live a healthy and happy life.

Home Healthcare

After childbirth, both mother and baby require specialized care for at least six weeks. Our registered nurses and medical caregivers from the Pediatrics department, with extensive experience in post-natal care, will help you recover to optimal post-natal health and give your newborn essential care to help them grow socially, mentally, and physically. Our services include:

  • Drying and cleaning
  • Thermal treatment
  • Start a breastfeeding session
  • Positioning
  • Avoiding Infection
  • Sanitary treatment

Blood tests are essential in assessing your overall health and detecting any underlying diseases or conditions.

Our nursing staff will come to your home, office, or hotel to collect the samples effortlessly.

Our central and standard cap accredited laboratory will process your samples in no time. You will receive the report on your registered email and WhatsApp.

Get the RT-PCR test for COVID-19 done at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time to know your COVID status and attend events or travel without any worries.

In case of a cardiac emergency, our team will perform ECG at your place and analyze the report with our GP and Consultant, to save crucial time.

Vaccines protect children and adults from infectious diseases and their serious complications and thus lead to a healthy society free from these infectious diseases and epidemics.

Get the scheduled child vaccine and vaccine for adults like influenza and pneumococcal vaccine at your home to stay healthy.

Home Physiotherapy

If you’re looking for personalized physiotherapy treatment in Dubai, look no further than Dynasty Clinic.

Our well-trained and licensed physiotherapists provide a range of services, including strength training, therapeutic massages, pain management, exercises, balance training, imbalance correction, posture correction, and neurodevelopmental therapy. We offer physiotherapy treatment at home for a variety of conditions, including:

  • spine and joint conditions,
  • back and neck pain, sports injuries,
  • post-fracture rehabilitation,
  • post-joint replacement rehabilitation,
  • post-injury rehabilitation,
  • post-COVID rehabilitation,
  • stroke rehabilitation, and geriatric rehabilitation.

IV Vitamin Therapy Services

Enhance your immune system with multivitamins directly injected into your bloodstream. Without the need for daily tablets or capsules, you can get a weekly booster dose and give your health a completely new dimension. Our GP will take your history and suggest the appropriate vitamin therapy to:

  • Increase your energy
  • Improved recuperation and performance for athletes
  • Boost and support your immune system
  • Increase metabolism to lose weight
  •  Offer anti-aging benefits
  • Skin that glows from hydration
  • Decrease anxiety,  Detoxification

Medical Care Giver

A caregiver cares for the health and well-being of someone who needs help with daily tasks and activities. Your aging loved one may need a caregiver because of an injury, mobility or memory issues, illnesses, or chronic conditions that make everyday chores more challenging.

Our caregivers are of different nationalities and speak different languages, including Arabic. They can help the patient in day-to-day life like feeding, taking a bath, and sanitary care, as well as help the patient to do mild movements/exercise, making the patient comfortable and providing companionship, and assessing medical needs.

GP Visit at Home

At Dynasty Clinic, we understand that it’s not always easy to visit a hospital or clinic when you’re not feeling well. That’s why we offer GP visits at home, so you can receive medical care without leaving the comfort of your own space. Our qualified and experienced DHA/Registered General Practitioners provide a range of services.

Our GP takes a holistic approach when it comes to providing medical care. They provide:

  • Detailed medical history, both present and previous
  • General health assessment and comprehensive evaluation
  • Preliminary diagnosis
  • Relevant investigations
  • Treatment,  follow-up call or visits as needed
  • Counseling for dietary change and lifestyle improvement

24/7 Nursing Care at Home

If you’ve recently been discharged from the hospital or prefer to recover from an illness or injury at home, our well-qualified, experienced, and dedicated nursing staff registered with DHA can provide you with round-the-clock care.

Our nursing staff offers a range of services, including reassurance, medication administration, tracheotomy suction and care, wound care and dressing, and help with day-to-day life.

Patient Escort Services from Hospital to Home

At the time of discharge from the hospital, our team of GP and Registered Nurses will assess and document the patient’s clinical conditions and consult with the treating physician before transporting the patient to their home in a well-equipped ambulance, providing nursing care throughout the journey.

We can continue the nursing care at home to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.

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