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Dynasty Clinic is a well-known Physiotherapy Center in Dubai. It offers traditional physiotherapy clinical services and a holistic and integrative medicine approach for evidence-based assessment and treatment of sports, orthopedic, and pediatric injuries and pain. Dynasty Clinic in Dubai uses many physiotherapy methods tailored to each person’s needs. We are also experts at making personalized, all-inclusive training programs to help people get better quickly.

If needed for a patient’s treatment, experts from other departments work with expert physiotherapists at Dynasty Clinic. Your physiotherapist will talk to you about your posture, how you live, and what you do for a living. They will then tell you what changes you need to make to stay healthy.

Your physiotherapist will also make a plan for you that may include exercises, stretches, and other movements. Your physiotherapist may use mobilization, kinesiotherapy, manual release, trigger point release with dry needling, and electro analgesic treatment with modalities.

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Dynasty Clinic is providing best Physiotherapy services in Dubai. 

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a very important part of getting better from an injury, illness, or disability because it helps your body move and work again.

Physiotherapists have many different areas of focus in health and social care. Some physiotherapists also teach, do research, and run the services they provide. You can also do physiotherapy on a regular basis to keep yourself healthy.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Dry Cupping
PEMF Therapy
Graston / Guasha Therapy
Heat Therapy
Manual Therapy
Postural & Corrective
Hijama Therapy​
Therapeutic Exercises
Clinical Dry Needling

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